The term cypher or sessions pre-dates to the 1980s when hip hop culture was alive in the Bronx of New York City. Now B-boys all over the world partake in them.

The loud beating music compliments the numerous moves thrown out on the floor by the B-boys as they feed off each other’s moves and interpret the music physically.

In areas of Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Braam sessions were a weekly event bringing together Joburg’s dopest B-boys.

But now Durban has hit the map with its very own First Thursday Sessions.
First Thursday is a B-boy session that takes place on the first Thursday of every month.


Located in Morningside, this event takes place outside Spiga. The setting of a concrete surface covered by vinyl flooring near some of Durban’s most iconic parks and shops allows it to give off an old-school cypher feel.



In addition to this public event, exhibition battles are also hosted here with B-boys settle the score by battling each or schooling some poppers, lockers and even capoeira dancers in the art of footwork and freezes.

With the lack of consistent cyphers taking place around the county it raises a question.




My opinion I think not, especially with growing interest from the public it keeps people aware that there are Breakers still going strong in this art form.

Coming together as B-boys in Durban still resonates and reassures our love for the art form to younger generations and the growing B-boy scene. From beginners to pros these session’s does not discriminate to any B-boy level.

This may well be what Durban needs to promote breaking in the 031.

Overall these sessions bring a cool vibe and atmosphere to the once most fastest growing B-boy scene.

Catch First Thursday Sessions Every month at Spiga, Florida Road, Morningside.



Peace, Dwijii

Dwijii is a 22-year-old Durban based Bboy that has been involved with Breaking since 2011. A Durban correspondent for Rocka-Fella TV. He has hosted events such as District Rivalry and actively takes a role in reviving Durban’s Breaking scene.
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  1. Greetings in the name of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I!!! Its always an honor to share the brotherly love and inspiration with you Durban BBoys. I feel blessed in many ways I’m honored by your brothers kindness for me and towards me 🙂 Keep up the good work and don’t forget your footwork…sign out by BBOY TURBO (from Cape Town)

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