A solid amount of Hip-Hop heads gathered in Jozi this past week for the “Weekend Special”. A Hip-Hop dance festival collaborated by Jozi and Cape Town Artists. Although this was the inaugural event, it was nothing short of spectacular and featured dancers from both Jozi and the Mother City.

From airflares to popping, from battles to forums, this 3-day festival saw Jozi become a backdrop of colours, sounds and dance moves.

The festival kicked off on Friday with a dope exhibition and party put together by African Cypher, which featured photography and illustrations by the likes of Ference Isaacs, Keath Vlahakis and Lab.A from Bboy Project South Africa. The Art exhibition certainly brought on nostalgic memories for me of an era whereby there was funky music and breaks. We also payed homage to our fallen brothers with a list of dancers who have passed on.




Day 2 saw the Roof top jam taking place hosted by Jed Bullock in Jeppestown. With the sun as a backdrop setting over the Jozi’s skyline, we saw an array of battles taking place such as Breaking, Popping and Freestyle. I must commend Jed and his parents from Dance Web Studios who are constantly supporting our small scene.




By Day 3 we headed to Street Knowledge hosted by Bboy Bashi at Dance Culture Studios. It’s great to see more Dance Studios actively getting involved with initiatives like these. Quintes Jansen is no stranger to the Bboy community, as he’s studio previously played host to the Redbull BC one qualifiers in 2016.

Before the battles kicked off, registered physiotherapist, B-boy and DJ, Barry ‘Bear’ Baumgart hosted workshops on injury prevention and performance enhancement for dancers.









There was much intensity in the air and the dancers were ready to serve up a storm. The battles featured young and old. This serves as a reminder that Hip-Hop has no age or colour.

My favourite as always was the 3on3 Bboy battles. The bboys wowed us with a message that SA breaking is on the rise again!

For a recap on what went down check out our highlights video below.

Footage of the 3on3 Bboy battles also below.


Love, Peace and Respect, Nazir

Nazir has been involved with Breaking since 2004, a founding member of Rocka-Fella TV. He has hosted Break Invasion and takes an active role in promoting South Africa’s breaking culture to the rest of the world.
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