Life is simple as a scholar, no job, no bills to pay and most of all no responsibility.

As we look to our youth we must ask our self what is their future? and is there anything they look forward to.

The answer back then for me was simple I WANTED TO BE A BBOY! Yep that’s right, and aint a mother###### alive that was gonna stop me!

The sad reality though, as I look back 14 years ago, in comparison to the present, one cannot simply make a living from being a b-boy. Well not most anyway!

With diminishing numbers, very little interest from outside sponsorships and too few numbers to fill in the shoes

as the next generation.

Is the South African b-boying culture heading towards disaster?

Like anything else in life that deserves a second chance the b-boying culture certainly deserves one too and that’s why we decided to create this platform to correct the problems of B-boying culture.

Unity is strength and strength lead us to years of progression and hard work that would eventually see us being the first African country to represent at International events like BOTY and Redbull BC1.

After all, where would we be? had it not been for P.O.C, Black Noise, Reality rockers, Threats 508, Demolition Squad, Floor Assassins DBN, Azanian Flames, Ubuntu, Hand break Turn’s, Kung Fools, African Kings, Static B-boys, 1610 Floor Assassins and Universal Icons to name a few.



Like our founders and innovators before us, we too must pass the torch on to the next generation as it had been passed down to us.

Remember first and foremost that Hip Hop had spread worldwide to the masses not because of a rap record or a DJ but because of B-boying.

Who else is there to invest into this but us?


Love, Peace and Respect, Nazir

Nazir has been involved with Breaking since 2004, a founding member of Rocka-Fella TV. He has hosted Break Invasion and takes an active role in promoting South Africa’s breaking culture to the rest of the world.
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Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!


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