On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a Cypher taking place at Five6Seven 8 Dance studios in Randburg. A rather cool place I might add (I will be posting the link to their website below).

Upon entering the reception area, I encountered 3 aspirant young dancers chatting to 3 very beautiful young ladies about Hip Hop. I immediately concluded in my mind…. ok these dudes are trying to get their mack on so should I distance myself a bit? but as I lent my ears closer It became clear that they were trying to explain the differences between breakdancing and being a B-boy.

I was met with a very warm welcome from the 3 dancers as if I had been a long-lost friend. I got to chatting with one of them, Brandon Moore a 22-year-old resident of Randburg on exactly why he loves B-boying.

Could you introduce yourself?

Ok I’m B-boy Sandals. The name came from the first cypher I went to which was Braam sessions in Johannesburg. My friend Lois took me there for the first time and I didn’t have any proper shoes so suddenly I just started B-boying in my sandals and that’s how I got the name B-boy Sandals.

HAHA OK, and how long have you been B-boying for?

Err… Roughly about a year now! Yeah

How were you introduced to B-boying and what made you fall in love with it?

Well for me I’ve always had an interest in dancing. I just never followed the career path until one day I saw this video from my friend Lois who’s a dance instructor. He invited me over for a lesson at one of his dance classes where he started B-boying. I was introduced to the whole hip hop culture from there on and I just fell in love with it. I’m also a bit of a fitness fanatic and I saw how well conditioned B-boys were so yeah, I just fell in love with it because it was the best of both worlds for me.

Whats it like being a newcomer to the scene in South Africa?

Aah…For me it’s quite nice in fact because you can also learn from the older guys. Experience new things and come up with new things as well. It’s quite nice when you get appraise from the older generation and telling you like……oh well done or that’s sick, that’s dope! It’s quite nice!

As a newbie, as much as you get mentoring and coaching from the older guys do you also receive a lot of shade or hate from other B-boys?

Never! No hate in this culture I’ve never experienced any hate.

So, theres a lot of support within?

A lot of people promote B-boying they want more people to do it because it’s such an amazing thing. It brings people together as well its quite interesting.

What advice do you have for other newcomers who are just starting out?

I would say just follow your passion if you have an interest in a particular style just stick with it and hopefully you master it. Erm…. like the better you get at it the more you enjoy it. For me the best is when you practice and practice a move and when you finally get it, it excites you to learn more and you just get motivated. After all your hard work, it finally pays off.

Whos your favorite B-boy? Who inspires you?

Oh wow. Internationally there’s two B-boys that inspire me one being Bruce Almighty and the other B-boy pocket from Korea.

Are those the styles you working towards reaching?

Well I love the way Bruce Almighty incorporates a bit of both with style and power and I love B-boy Pocket for his power. But I actually forgot to mention but there’s one B-boy who’s style that I’m actually trying to inspire is B-boy Kujo who’s a legend. He’s more of unorthodox B-boy. I just love his style and how it so unorthodox and how it incorporates martial arts, dancing errr…. just a whole different view towards B-boying. That’s the type of thing I want to accomplish!

How long do you see yourself doing this looking at age and experience?

For me now what’s quite nice is that because of my hard work like last year I’ve been trying to put in at least 22 hours of training a week. That’s how determined I was. Just practice and practice.

As a starting out B-boy is there so many years experience that you must have to start battling at competitions?

I don’t think so because even youngsters will probably have it easier as I do now because I’m 22 years old. Because their muscles haven’t been fully developed they can still get the flexibility and get the explosive moves.

Is there anybody locally that you would like to take on soon?

Haha…. In the future, I would love to not like beat him but battle against him is B-boy Benny from Cape Town. Just to have that opportunity to face him and learn from him like tell me what I should work on and stuff would be a great opportunity for me.

Do you have a message for all the B-boys out there?

All I can say is watch out there’s a new B-boy coming out there for you his name is B-boy sandals so watch the space.

HAHA. Thanks for your time!

It’s my pleasure man.

There you have it guys I must say the future looks very promising with hard work and determination it indeed seems there’s hope after all. Be sure to catch out B-boy Sandals next week at Return the Flava taking place at Big Bounce studios.

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Love, Peace and Respect, Nazir

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