Durban is a city known for its warm inviting climate. But this is one city bringing the heat.

Rocka-Fella caught up with Ikmal Anisse, a B-boy hailing from Durban who is the organizer of the durban Sunday sessions cypher held at the Durban skate park weekly. Taking the initiative alongside Krumper Linda “Protworeal” Ndlovu to push the Durban dance scene we caught up with him to find out his motivation behind these sessions.


My name is Anisse Ikmal,I am 23 years old. Owner and Ceo of Island Creative and I am part of the leaders of two real Empire


Where are you from?

I am from the Indian Ocean Islands, precisely from Comoros islands

How long have you been breaking?

I have been breaking since 2004 but before that I was an all styles dancer

What inspired you to get into dance?

Beside the fact that I had uncles who were dancers, I was told by my family that from a young age I loved to dance hip hop. And of course, my uncles Fay Daroueche, Abou Maoulida aka Mc Pope and Fahami Toihir just added oil to the fire. From then onwards all I can say it was meant to be.

Every Sunday you host sessions. What was the main motivation behind these sessions?

My main motivation behind these sessions was the potential that I saw amongst Durban dancers…and the fact that they didn’t really have an open platform where they could exchange easily with others. This in turn encouraged me to organise these sessions. I will even go further to say that this was the obstacle killing the dance scene in Durban. But also, the ego of some dancers just made it worse because dancers did not respect each other’s style and that is why today I am pushing for this platform to help other dancers grow and also to regain respect between us.


What is the purpose of these sessions?

The purposes for these sessions are to

  • Inspire the next generation
  • Create mutual respect between all different dance styles
  • Help the dance scene in Durban to grow
  • Exchange knowledge & ideas
  • Inspire dancers to love what they do and not do it for money only
  • Open international opportunities for the dancers
  • Create big jams in the future
  • Expose the dance culture to the community
  • Give love and affection to those in need through dance


Will an open session create unity among dancers in Durban?

It is already creating unity. Now we just have to wait for that passion to get into us and we will all share it together as one.

What are your thoughts on the Durban Dance scene?

Durban’s scene would be one of the best dance scenes in South Africa if some dancers stopped having an ego. Dancers are focused on fame and money more than their dancing and that is reducing their credibility of performance.

Will these open sessions inspire the next generation of breakers in Durban?

So far it has been inspiring not only the b-boys but also krumpers, poppers and lockers, animation dancing style band if we carry on this way they will be more than a wave of breakers.



Now the question that a lot of people are anxious about. Conflict between krumpers and breakers have been around for some time. Will these sessions create understanding and unity between both dance styles in the foreseeable future?

In every family, there are always misunderstanding between the oldest and the youngest. But none of them should take advantage of the situation to stab the other in the back. In this case, I wouldn’t say all krumpers are the cause of this conflict. It is just some of them who had some light shine onto them and they try to produce an image which is not true. It is only about the love of dance, so eventually we will all get together when the right time comes and have respect restored. As you see already on the Sunday session there are krumpers and we hope that more other dance styles will come through

A word of advice to the next generation dancers in SA?

Respect peace and unity should be our first propaganda…as soon as you respect yourself you will eventually respect your next. Remember this is a unique culture that brings people from different background, racial, religion & communities together…so let’s respect what our eldest fought for and what they have left for us. Keep it original don’t focus on money and fame as you will lose the passion because “this is not what we do but who we are”


Peace, Dwijii

Dwijii is a 22-year-old Durban based Bboy that has been involved with Breaking since 2011. A Durban correspondent for Rocka-Fella TV. He has hosted events such as District Rivalry and actively takes a role in reviving Durban’s Breaking scene.
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